About Us

About Us

While Akyol Groupe takes firm steps in the domestic furniture sector.

It has set out its principle to give importance to R&D activities for creating pioneering projects in the future sector by utilizing the know-how it has acquired from past experiences, with its innovative and to always stay up-to-date by closely folowing technological developments in our modern production facilities which was established by taking into account the latest developments in every field.

Akyol Groupe has taken mission the commercial disciplines and principles acquired from the past and conveyed the mission to all its employees. The understanding of ethical trade has been given special importance in accordance with the principles adopted by each employee. As a result, the groups has become a brand which is perceived as trustworthy, stable, having principles and at the same time which does not compromise from aesthetics not only in the eyes of the consumer but also in the eyes of each personwho has been effected directly or indirectly by the long lasting commercial relationship. The mission of Akyol Groupe which constantly provides solutions to customer expectations in the ever-changing global conditions, will be preserved by future generations.




Our mission is to; create a safe, peaceful, transparent, democratic and profitable environment by working professionally under a team philosophy, with our employees, partners, customers, goods and service supplier and to ensure continuity and to be a brand in its sector which contributes to the countries economy.



Our vision is to; be among the leading corporations in our sector with the products we manufacture in the light of our management and production strategy formed within the framework of our quality policy and to be the choice of customers in domestic and foreign markets.